Tips to Maintain the Shine of Your Car
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Tips to Maintain the Shine of Your Car

Wash & Wax

Tips to Maintain the Shine of Your Car

If you really love your car, then you should make sure that it’s always shining, not just the exterior but also the interior. For that, you may have the choice of hiring a professional auto detailer for $100 or more. If that isn’t affordable for you, then here are some secrets for detailing your car all by yourself.

The Two Bucket Method:

It’s advisable to use two buckets while washing the exterior of your car. One bucket may contain the clean water (used for cleaning the dirty cloth), and the other should be filled with clean soapy water. This will ensure that you don’t put dirt back on the car.

Detailing the Trim First:

You should use a trim restorer just before you wax your paint. First of all, wash your car and dry it. Then simply apply the trim restorer. This will help in repelling wax and polish that might have stained your trim.

Drying Glass Properly:

One of the secrets to drying your glass is to dry it in two directions. Wipe your interior glass in a horizontal direction, but the exterior glass in a vertical direction. Doing so will help you in identifying easily whenever the glass gets a streak. If it’s horizontal, then it’s on the interior glass; if the streak appears to be vertical, then it’s on the outside part of the glass.

Being Careful with the Headliner:

It’s important to know that many auto detailers tend to avoid the headliner, because it can cause greater problems if the glue in it is affected. Therefore, it is better to leave it as it is. However, if you do want to clean it, then make sure to use as little moisture as possible.

These auto detailing tips will help you in saving money on detailing while keep your car in good condition.